3 Ways to Navigate Crisis and Fear with Spiritual Detox, Immune Health and Financial Ideas is my insights video to help you find your way during this very challenging and traumatic moment in history. Crisis and pandemic can frighten people and create paralysis, a lowered immune system and financial panic.

This video gives you 3 ways to Navigate Crisis and Fear (as seen on my YouTube channel) when emotions are at an all-time high of anxiety and panic, immune health solutions to strengthen your body and virtual coaching or online work-from-home business options for your financial health.

1. Peaceful Detox – reduce your time watching the news and media. Focus only on being informed. The #1 effective method I know to transmute emotional and physical pain, fear, overwhelm, stuckness and TRANSFORM your energy state is powerful deep activation breathing known as “Rebirthing,” It’s the BREATH OF LIFE and our root requirement to survive. Our best measure for living BRIGHT again! Learn the basics of breathwork over on my Blog:  Rebirthing breathwork, The Breath of Life

2. Immune Health – Listen to hear the two health supplements I use every day that are scientifically proven to positively benefit immune health and nutrition foundation. Fuel your body with the highest nutrition possible. A lifetime of suffering the loss of many loved ones due to illness like cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, mental health and addiction, I know the importance of a clean, plant-based whole food diet and the necessity to supplement with high-quality anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-tumor and antioxidant supplements.

3. Financial Options – work-from-home businesses and virtual coaching is strong and growing leaps and bounds. Have you been on the fence and “thinking” about how to generate income during this stay-at-home distancing time in history?

If you are ready to deep dive and gain clarity on choosing a direction that speak’s to your heart and can generate you income for years to come, book an intuitive reading call with me and let’s get you “tapping into” the best industry, arena, product or service that aligns with you.

There are hundreds and hundreds of options out there and it can feel overwhelming. I have additional income streams to compliment my core Reset Energy Coaching (Helping you Navigate Your Life Transitions to move into Peace, Purpose & Prosperity) that may intrigue you to work virtually in a new way that can ignite joy, optimal health and abundance to you, your family and the people you care about.

ALLOW ME TO HELP YOU…. reveal your answers to yourself!

Most importantly we have to be diligent at choosing Peace over Panic in every moment. Getting our systems into a calming state as often as possible is scientifically proven to strengthen your health where fear does the opposite. The global landscape of business is clearly changing and not an easy transition for businesses that are retail and in-person customer focused. There are solutions and opportunities ahead.

I’m here for you virtually and with heart!

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I know these steps work and wish with all my heart for you to experience a return to peace, depth of renewed joy, faster progress to your highest dreams in alignment with your heart, years of tremendous health and much, ability to trust and magnetically attract in more love, money and magic in your business and life !

Who am I? How can Colleen help you?

I’m a ‘RESET Energy Coach’, Spiritual Intuitive, and holistic health educator. I help people FEEL GOOD again and Navigate through Life Transitions to Create a Life they Truly Love to Live.

My Mission is to help visionaries transform painful loss into Peace, Purpose and Prosperity.  Aligned with my own story of loss, this  may include the loss of your loved ones who transitioned, ending of a relationship, loss of your health and quality of life, loss of career and money, loss of self and feeling at your utmost lowest time, loss of energy and momentum, loss of mental focus and drive (analysis paralysis).

I inspire through powerful transformation to Connect with your Truth, Passion and Confidence.

I help you understand crazy spiritual experiences from the Universe, messages from your loved ones transitioned.

Each of us are spiritually awakening more and more each day. By simply being OPEN to the realization that there’s more going on that you cannot see or always understand, As You align your body and soul to love your life as it is TODAY you will feel more love, healthier & happier, magnify more abundance do you and possibly recognize that you’re never alone in this MASSIVE Universe!!!

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Blessings & Vibrant Health
Colleen x

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Disclaimer: The message communicated in this video is purely suggestions at the time information was available to myself and the public. The protocol may change as new science information is released.  In this video no claims are being made to treat, cure or prevent medical conditions.