The Emotional Heart

This holiday, let’s choose to listen deeply to the wisdom in our heart, embrace emotion that arises, and take the necessary steps to be true to ourselves and others. Go that extra mile….

The festive season brings up different feelings for everyone. Some people will experience incredible joy and appreciation. They will connect with out-of-town loved ones, re-unite with friends of years passed, or celebrate the addition of a spouse or beautiful newborn baby.

For others, the holiday is a highly stressful and emotional time that stirs up deep-rooted grief and sadness. There are often heartfelt reminders of loved ones passed, aloneness due to a separation, and even guilt for lack of communicating with someone we care for.

A Personal Experience

For myself this year, I am filled with both sadness and gratitude. I feel sorrow from a separation with my boyfriend this fall, who I continue to feel tremendous love for and see the possibilities of a great life together.

In listening to my heart’s wisdom, I realize the separation was necessary to encourage a profound awakening within us both.

There were aspects of ourselves we denied, places within that needed to be visited – to meet ourselves. We’ve created an opportunity by choice, to trust our internal guidance towards greater self-love.

In gratitude, I am deeply appreciative for the incredible gift of friendship, family, and the lives of people I’ve positively impacted. By expressing the truth in my heart, as well as educating on quality health supplements that work, I’ve seen lives improve and people feel great again!

In return, I can barely begin to thank the hundreds of people that have impacted my life this past year.  You are one of them!!! Because we are energy, there are people who I haven’t met in person, yet their teachings & guidance have influenced me greatly.

Accessing the Heart’s Wisdom

By maintaining an authentic connection with our heart, we can weather any storm.

Ask yourself, “How willing am I to feel ANY and ALL emotion that arises?” Be honest. Do you tend to ignore emotion by distracting yourself, and placing your attention on something or someone else? Do your emotions:

Frighten you?
Bring up feelings of weakness?
Make you feel out of control?

“Emotions may not feel sexy, or good in any way, yet experiencing them fully is the magical key to unlocking the Heart.” – Colleen Wynia

In order to ‘hear’ our internal voice, to apply the wisdom for making optimal choices, we must first allow our emotion to exist. In allowing the sensation, we can easily transform deep-rooted limiting beliefs that hold us back from our dreams, while inviting peace within.

Permanent change at the cellular level is absolutely possible, and will come much faster when we make friends with the pain, the tears, the discomfort, the anger, and even the rage. Breathe deeply and consciously through the feeling, as this will help tremendously.

By allowing a sensation to impact our body, while aligning our thoughts of how we wish to feel, we will end the resistance to pushing away or creating distraction. Choose to believe or not, all emotion is an energy vibration, which is preceded by a thought, a thought that is generally deeply rooted in a fear based belief, triggering the pain we feel.

The more we allow, while playing detective with self, the lighter we will feel. More and more of us know that how we feel on the INSIDE is exactly what we reflect and co-create on the OUTSIDE. Our relationships improve, our family and friends like us more (well, mostly!), our income grows, and our creations are magical and real.

Every single one of our creations stems from how we feel and align our thoughts. Two great teachers of the Law of Attraction are Esther & Jerry Hicks:

This holiday season LIVE BIG, feel the strength in emotion, and act as if you already have that which you desire.

In appreciation and gratitude to my clients in 2009, I wish to extend a HOLIDAY GIFT. As well, make a few recommendations of people with excellent services who have positively impacted my life.

Colleen’s Intuitive Coaching & Bodywork

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Each day, more people are making healthier choices for living a long, quality life. At the same time, statistics indicate serious illness is on the rise. New cases of cancer, heart and stroke, and many more are present in daily conversations…someone who knows someone.

The good news is more people are recovering through these critical illness conditions due to the power of belief, complementary choices, and improved medical technology.

Critical Illness insurance provides peace of mind, much like house or car insurance. This type of financial protection allows a person the opportunity to focus on a return to optimal health while easing the possible financial stress that often accompanies illness when one may not be able to work or run their business. Unless investments to draw upon or a significant monthly residual income is in place, this plan could be a life saver.

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Wishing you & your family a Healthy & Happy Holiday with good vibrations heading into 2010!

Colleen Wynia
HeartLink Consulting