PRO060102The synchronicity shared between Mangosteen and Massage in North Vancouver is profound. Not only do they share a common thread, when used together each helps the other work even better.

Recently I asked myself “In a nut shell, how do I inspire people in living happier, healthier lifestyles?”

After some contemplation on my unique approach combining transformational healing services (massage, spiritual guidance & grief/loss counsel) with world-class nutritionals like the whole fruit Mangosteen, I realize marrying the two together is a powerful vehicle to raise your vibration (energy frequency) through alignment, which sends a signal that faster attracts into life that which you desire most ~ in health, love, money & Magic!

Experience Mangosteen and Massage today!

The mutual health benefits are wide ranging, addressing virtually every organ and body system. A short list includes:

  • Ease muscle and joint pain
  • Promote tissue & cell regeneration
  • Heal an injury; reduce inflammation overall
  • Improve blood flow & circulation for cardiovascular health
  • Reduce stress & promote relaxation
  • Deeper quality sleep
  • Increase mental focus & clarity
  • Increase energy & feel happier

Why do people get a Massage? For many of the same reasons they consume 3 or more daily servings of Mangosteen juice. The most important reason being PREVENTION. 

Another key reason is to reduce inflammation in the body, thereby easing muscle and joint pain for example. The scientific community can now explain how Inflammation that becomes chronic may lead to health issues such as Heart, Stroke, Cancer, Arthritis, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and more. In February 2004 Times Magazine published one of the first lengthy media articles about the correlation between inflammation and disease. Ask me to email you the article.

Have you taken the C – Reactive protein (CRP) test? Did you know this simple blood test may save a life? It measures overall inflammation in the body. Turns out it’s a better predictor of heart or stroke than a cholesterol test. Take a PROACTIVE role and ask your doctor to include this in your next health check-up. I did, and was amazed at my unusually low CRP reading after being on the ‘whole fruit puree’ Mangosteen juice.

In every Massage session, I incorporate Quantum Energy. Why is that important? Quantum Energy is the vital life force energy that flows through everything and everyone, including the Mangosteen Fruit.  Read what happy clients say:  Massage Testimonials

Both Mangosteen and Massage have years (in some cases centuries) of folklore use and documented scientific health benefits. When combined, they provide natural healing and cell rejuvenation capabilities which give the body the appropriate nutrients to repair and rebuild itself quickly.

Dating as far back as 600 A.D. scribes have reported the use of mangosteen traditionally, particularly the xanthone-loaded pericarp (or rind), to treat a multitude of health conditions. Commonly called the Queen of Fruits (nicknamed by Queen Victoria), the mangosteen has a wide range of uses among the people of South East Asia where fruit grows.

Only in the last several decades, has science focused so much attention on the science of the XANTHONES, phytonutrients found primarily in the rind that define why the mangosteen is unique and efficacious.

Did you know Mangosteen juice or its higher concentration Pericarp oil can be applied topically to speed up the healing of cuts, burns, wounds, infections, insect bites, and bee/wasp stings and to resolve skin irritations fast? More powerful than the healing benefits of aloe vera, so keep handy in the first-aid kit.

Mangosteen juice (whole fruit puree) and Massage help the body recover faster after exercise. Most everyone realizes the importance of daily movement and more intense exercise for cardio heart health and strength training for muscles, bone health and more. As beneficial as exercise is for the body, all people who exercise, particularly athletes who do so at intense levels, release a significant amount of free radicals into the body. Although a normal process, free radicals that do not get neutralized cause long-term cellular damage. Think ‘rusting of the cells’….

Mangosteen’s Xanthones, now 68 discovered primarily in the rind, can be researched on the U.S. National Library of Medicine, key word search ‘mangosteen xanthones’ and you’ll be amazed.

Learn the history of Mangosteen, a short video:  Dr. Templeman Introduction

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