photo 6“I have gone to many massage therapists in my time over the last 12 years, always trying to relieve my pain from a wrestling accident that forever changed my health. I have never met a massage therapist that could do what Colleen has done for me.

She not only helped to relax and relieve my muscle tension and pain but also helped me to relax my mind as though I had meditated. I felt completely calm, rejuvenated and spiritually at peace. Thank you so much Colleen!!!!!” ~ Robert Madzej

I loved Robert’s heartfelt testimonial and the results he experienced. There is a tremendous benefit for our whole being when we focus our attention on FEELING GOOD. Together, Robert and I co-created an environment allowing both his body AND mind to relax enough that he is enabling Quantum repair and regeneration of the neuropathways at the cellular level.

Quantum energy impacts the whole body, particularly deep within the muscles, tissues and organs for physical healing.  Most of us understand the importance of meditation and time of deep rest, so by scheduling an appointment Robert created an opportunity (environment) and a time to enable his body and spirit to re-align itself naturally.

Thank you Robert for sharing your testimonial. I wish us all an amazing start to self-love by taking care of ourselves in 2014!!