SPIRITS SPEAKING ON HEALTH & HAPPINESS TO NAVIGATE LIFE TRANSITIONS //  In this video we dive into Spirits Speaking on health and wellness and what they REALLY WANT US TO KNOW in this life before we die to better navigate life transitions while we are alive in our physical form.

Spirits want to help you navigate life in a way that raises your vibration to attract in elevated conditions of health and happiness. This video is ideal for people curious about Spirits Speaking to them or Universal Spirit Signs like moving objects, electricity occurrences, sensations, angel numbers, dreams and more who want to better recognize and interpret messages from Spirit and loved ones who transitioned.

Our loved ones who transitioned, passed away, have health and happiness solutions they want to speak to us about to better navigate life transitions of surprise pandemics, grief and loss, health conditions, relationship and financial turmoil stop us in our tracks.

We dive into the messages our loved ones transitioned  have to say on Health & Wellness and what they REALLY WANT US TO KNOW in this life before we die.

This video will answer questions you have about “Spirits” or Spirit Guides who seem to knock on your door repeatedly, especially when you most need a helping hand and cheerleader to navigate your life.


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I know these steps work and wish with all my heart for you to experience a return to peace, depth of renewed joy, faster progress to your highest dreams in alignment with your heart, years of tremendous health and much, ability to trust and magnetically attract in more love, money and magic in your business and life !

Who am I? How can Colleen help you?

I’m a ‘RESET Energy Coach’, Spiritual Intuitive, and holistic health educator. I help people FEEL GOOD again and Navigate through Life Transitions to Create a Life they Truly Love to Live.

My Mission is to help visionaries transform painful loss into Peace, Purpose and Prosperity.  Aligned with my own story of loss, this  may include the loss of your loved ones who transitioned, ending of a relationship, loss of your health and quality of life, loss of career and money, loss of self and feeling at your utmost lowest time, loss of energy and momentum, loss of mental focus and drive (analysis paralysis).

I inspire through powerful transformational methods to Connect with your Truth, Passion and Confidence.

I help you understand crazy spiritual experiences from the Universe, messages from your loved ones transitioned.

Each of us are spiritually awakening more and more each day. By simply being OPEN to the realization that there’s more going on that you cannot see or always understand, As You align your body and soul to love your life as it is TODAY you will feel more love, healthier & happier, magnify more abundance do you and possibly recognize that you’re never alone in this MASSIVE Universe!!!

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Blessings & Vibrant Health
Colleen x

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