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Trust Your Vulnerability, Sign of Strength

Hey female warriors, leaders with a mission, Mom’s and daughters craving emotional fulfilment, spiritual women deepening their ability to trust in the every day signs that consistently show you your purpose, your heart’s calling.

Have you struggled to Trust Your Vulnerability? To honour and welcome it? Do you recognize this as a Sign of Strength?

In this video I open my heart to share the highly vulnerable experience I went through recently. How I feel stronger, wiser and more self loving because of it. CLICK THE LINK TO WATCH NOW:


I have struggled for a lifetime to trust my vulnerability and recognize this not as a hinderance, rather as a sign of strength, a symbolism of courage.

I have struggled for a lifetime how to balance my highly emotional self with being that of a wise business woman making the best decisions and who adds  transformative healthy values and spiritual impact to your spiritual quality of life while learning how to care for my own heart ?? through continual growth and soul expansion.

I grew up buying a narrative story that I had to put the big boy boots on and hammer down. to suppress my cry baby-like, sometimes depressive tendencies, to be strong, resilient and considered a success.

Guess what? I’ve forgotten how to simply BE & PLAY. I forgot it on purpose because I thought that part had to be suppressed in order to be successful in business and make an empowering difference in people’s lives.

Allowing my inner child out to play and break free of family and self imposed expectations, even to mess up, was categorized as WEAK in my conditioned mind and childhood memory.

Present time, if I’m not working ~ coaching & counseling clients, making money, selling health & wellness products, creating content, posting on social, sending out newsletters, learning or training etc etc that I was not strong enough, worthy enough, resilient, successful, loveable…

Having worked through much of that I’ve known for years it’s not weak and yet I still fight with myself to let go, to play, to mess up and not be productive, to BE. I have to be on all the time with getting shit done.

I never knew I could also can create and attract in business, ideas, connections, new opportunities that find me…. from the energy frequency and Vibration of FEELING GOOD.

I trust this video speaks to your heart, your wise self, and its great for both men and women, teens and children alike. I walk you through my experience in trust of helping you live more emotionally fulfilled, happier, healthier, and more on track with your life purpose in a self-loving fashion:

Trust Your Vulnerability, Sign of Strength

Stay tuned to the end of the video to “tap into” what you can do to change your neuropathways.

Did you relate? If so, what do you resonate the most with? Comment and please let me know how.

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