HOW TO TALK TO SPIRITS FOR HOLISTIC HEALTH AND HAPPINESS SOLUTIONS // In this video we dive into how to Talk to Spirits for holistic health and happiness solutions, how to talk to your Spirit guides, and why talking to Spirits for holistic health solutions is important spiritual advice for your happiness, health and living a quality life on your terms.

Enjoy highlights and spiritual advice on actually getting happier, tips and how to’s to talk with Spirits and your Spirit guides. Spirit guides, whether they are a beloved who transitioned (passed over), or an angelic spirit guide not of this earth, you will be guided on optimal ways to live healthier, happier and with richness.

Your happiness vibration will in turn attract more resources and clarity on your health aspirations, more love in your relationships and more abundance in your business as an entrepreneur and visionary!!!

What’s fascinating to me about how to talk to spirits for holistic health and happiness is in my experience, the majority of the “beings” I sense supporting the past 25 years I knew well. They lived here like my father Gerry and cousin Rob. In fact, my father is working so diligently he is continuing to teach me about health and happiness and talking to spirits is generating a lot of visitors, followers or views to this blog I wrote about my dad moving objects to capture my attention.

You can read about the experience I had with a heavy object tips and little “love signs” spilled out. People are asking questions and leaving comments about their own experiences, doubts and curiosity, fear and certainty. Go to the blog:

Spirit Communication: Moving Objects… Signs from a Loved One


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I know these steps work and wish with all my heart for you to experience a return to peace, depth of renewed joy, faster progress to your highest dreams in alignment with your heart, years of tremendous health and much, ability to trust and magnetically attract in more love, money and magic in your business and life !

Who am I? How can Colleen help you?

I’m a ‘RESET Energy Coach’, Spiritual Intuitive, and holistic health educator. I help people FEEL GOOD again and Navigate through Life Transitions to Create a Life they Truly Love to Live.

My Mission is to help visionaries transform painful loss into Peace, Purpose and Prosperity.  Aligned with my own story of loss, this  may include the loss of your loved ones who transitioned, ending of a relationship, loss of your health and quality of life, loss of career and money, loss of self and feeling at your utmost lowest time, loss of energy and momentum, loss of mental focus and drive (analysis paralysis).

I inspire through powerful transformation to Connect with your Truth, Passion and Confidence.

I help you understand crazy spiritual experiences from the Universe, messages from your loved ones transitioned.

Each of us are spiritually awakening more and more each day. By simply being OPEN to the realization that there’s more going on that you cannot see or always understand, As You align your body and soul to love your life as it is TODAY you will feel more love, healthier & happier, magnify more abundance do you and possibly recognize that you’re never alone in this MASSIVE Universe!!!

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