Steps to Rebuild Your Life after Loss is possible for you too. In no particular order here are Six (6) powerful self-loving, self-nurturing steps to rebuild your life after loss, real life loving disciplines to incorporate during your recovery to thrive again in your health, relationships and business.

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Why am I writing this? After a lengthy 3+ year long cancer journey my BESTIE Diane, my Soul Sister, amazing Mentor and partner in Energy Education, transitioned 7 days ago today. I’ve lost many beloveds, yet the loss of Diane has been one heck of a ride for me,for  her family and beloveds. Those touched by Diane’s powerful energy teachings and heart, know here amazing wisdom and the unique gift of portraying unconditional love to all the people, animals and angelic beings she had the joy to connect with through her physical. Now we must all adjust to her new form, her new presence of connected and loving us all. My heart’s been equally breaking as much as it’s been filling up and full circle repairing, coming ever  more alive!!!

Here a few simple Steps to Rebuild Your Life after Loss.  Actions (and non-action) steps I took this week that helped me. If you took even ONE GOLDEN NUGGET from the list below and ran with it, I know these actions can also assist you in your time of need.

1. Take Time to Love Yourself. Give yourself as much time as you need to grieve. Please stop judging your own process and how long it should take or is taking to feel better. It’s so easy to say you’ll give yourself “X” amount of time to grieve then you’ll be back on your life wagon and rolling again in your business and everything’s working again. The truth I’ve come to learn is true grief triggers deeper core wounds that can extend into the sub-conscious and open things up for you to explore more than you have yet to face about yourself.

2. Take baby steps & delegate. When you have to step up to work or do something and it feels so frickin’ difficult, take baby steps and be gentle. Delegate what you can, ask for help, do only what you must, take deep breaths through your tasks then in your off work mode hours plan some extra self-care, self-nurturing moments for you. Do something every single day that truly makes your heart happy or a little happier.

3. Listen & honour your body’s wisdom. Your body knows best. Your body is a powerful teacher. Sit silently in meditation. Go for a run, hike, walk, or dance. Allow your emotions space to rise up: Cry, feel sad, get angry, hit pillows if anger is bubbling up, journal your thoughts, dance & shake it out, join a yoga class, book an energy healing, counsel or bodywork session, and the #1 GREATEST APPROACH I did, and my clients find effective, to truly transmute emotional pain and stuckness and TRANSFORM energy state to move through the heartache and forward “with life” is powerful deep activation breathing known as “Rebirthing,” also known as Conscious Connected Breathing. It’s the BREATH OF LIFE and our root requirement to survive. Hence, our best measure for living BRIGHT again! Learn the basics of breathwork over on my Blog:  Rebirthing breathwork, The Breath of Life 

4. Fuel your body with the highest nutrition possible. If you suffered the loss of many loved ones due to an illness like cancer, heart disease or Alzheimer’s then you know the importance of a clean, plant-based whole food diet and the necessity to supplement with high-quality anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and antioxidant-based supplements. My two powerful daily versions are Zija’s XanGo Mangosteen Juice for keeping inflammation lower in the body (precursor to dis-ease) and Moringa Oleifera with 92 Nutrients in one easy travel pouch (simply add water & shake). Boom!! I have some of the lowest CRP markers (C-Reactive Protein blood test for inflammation) level readings for a woman my youthful age. I can set you up too!

5. Connect through the Signs. If your grief comes from the death of a beloved, book a psychic intuitively guided or Spirit Communication education in-person session or phone/zoom coaching call with me. Learn about the endless ways to Recognize and Interpret our loved ones through active Spirit Signs and messages!! This brings warmth and closeness and often richer understanding of our relationship.

6. Save Thou$ands & Speed Up Healing with Therapy. You can save thou$ands of dollars in lost revenue by selecting the Right Therapy for you. Choose a healing professional that that has walked the talk and proven to deliver results. Research, check out Client Success Stories, align with someone you VIBE with or feel a pull towards. Some folks may altogether skip this because of their strong warrior abilities of doing it on their own. By joining a group with peers facing similar experiences to yourself or hiring a therapist or intuitive healer, energy coach or trained counselor you can minimize your deep rooted heartache in terms of the duration – months, years or a life time – and thousands of dollars with lost work hours and suppressed creative energies by speeding up the process when you address emotional realm to quickly and effectively transform sorrow and its related memories connected to more. I did this and I transformed pain in 3-6 months what traditional talk therapy / Counseling can take 5-10 years or a lifetime to relinquish.

I know these steps work and wish with all my heart for you to experience a return to peace, depth of renewed joy, faster progress to your highest dreams in alignment with your heart, years of tremendous health and much, ability to trust and magnetically attract in more love, money and magic in your business and life !

Much Love & Blessings
Colleen xx



Looking for a mentor to speed up the process? I can promised you heartfelt guidance to transform any grief and navigate life transitions in all matters, physical, emotional, energy stuckness, spiritual imbalance, financial disaster. Helping you enhance your intuition to better interpret spirit signs around you and the wisdom spoken by your own body. Ultimately supporting you in recognizing universal messages to better learn from and communicate with your higher self, relationships and loved ones transitioned.  I’ll walk with you through the recovery journey, whatever it looks and feels like, so you can live a joyous life for years to come.

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I’m here for you in healthy living and when loved ones sadly transition. I want you to know and truly feel that it’s possible to increase your vitality and success, live healthier and happier beyond 100, if you believe it. If you don’t, or need a helping hand navigate your path in health, heart, relationship and business, reach out and book a consult.

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